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As an actor, it is difficult to get an audition without casting directors seeing your work first. Your resume can only get you so far and a good headshot isn't enough anymore. How do you get an audition without having footage, AND how do you get video footage without getting an audition? 


In today’s entertainment industry and social media driven world, it is imperative to have an artist’s reel to showcase you as a performer. The reel has become a necessary tool to get your foot into the door for any audition.   

NYC REEL carefully crafts each scene to the actors strengths.  We highlight what comes naturally to the actor so that the best result is shown in the reel. 



Hi! My name is Marcus Choi. Please feel free to check out my personal website


In 2009, after being in 4 Broadway shows, I moved to LA  to pursue an "on camera" career. Since then, I have been in over 50 network television shows and films.                    

What I learned quickly in LA was that I couldn't get an audition unless I had a reel. The reel is the most important tool an actor can have today.  


Make that transition into TV and Film by doing yourself a favor and shooting your reel.   Get that agent you desperately need or give your agent the most important tool to push your On Camera career forward. 

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