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Option 1  $150.00

If you have footage, we can edit together a reel for you with transitions, color correction and and any information you need on it. 

Option 2  $500.00

The actor will get a one and a half minute scene in the genre of their choice. 

Option 3   $800.00

The actor will get four scenes in total. Three .30 sec. scenes and then one complete reel with all the scenes edited together. In industry terms, this will showcase guest-star type scenes. If this is your first reel and you don't have additional footage, we recommend this package for you. 

Option 4  $800.00

The actor will get three scenes in total. Two 1 minute scenes and a completed 2 minute reel. This package will showcase guest-star/series-regular type roles.  This package is for the actor looking to complete specific casting categories missing from their reel. 


The client is required to hire their own scene partner. If you cannot provide your scene partner, one will be provided for you for $50.00 per scene.


After the consultation, a $200.00 deposit is required  to start.  The remainder of the balance is due at the end in order to receive the finished reels.


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