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The Consultation

At the consultation the actors casting objectives, types of roles, and scene genres are determined. We are here to listen to the actor and understand who they are as an artist and most importantly, what comes naturally to them as a person.

The Scenes

We have an array of scene options ranging from Situational Comedy, Single Camera Comedy, Procedural Drama, and Episodic.  If the actor has a prepared scene or after the scenes are written, we can tweak and rewrite if it is necessary. The actor also has the option of a rehearsal day with the director. 

The Shoot

Our goal is to work hard and work fast. We understand that scheduling is complicated and difficult so we try to get the shoot done in one day. If we cannot get all the scenes done in one day then we will spend one additional day to complete the reel.

The Edit

After the shoot is done, we will start the editing process and get the reel done within one week. This process includes color correction, title card, transitions, audio, back ground music, and any sound effect necessary.

The Delivery

The finished reel is then delivered via Wetransfer, DropBox or any other form of delivery the actor prefers.

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